A post about my legs…

25 Feb


As I was getting ready for bed tonight, I felt like it was time to take a good look at my legs. My new phone somehow gave me a clearer view on what my legs really look like.

I have extremely pale skin and dark hair. My genes, having a redheaded father, don’t give me much luck when it comes to tanning. Not that I’m much of a fan of baking myself in the sun… but I’ve always felt that if my legs were a couple of shades darker, they’d look less flawed.

I never thought much of my legs when I was young, except that my sister had scarred legs where mine were almost scar-free (she was accident prone, I guess), but somewhere along the way, my perception changed. Somewhere along the way, I started to notice what I thought were catastrophes – skin too white, knees too pink, calves too big, or maybe my ankles are too small… if my thighs were smaller, I could wear shorts and they wouldn’t ride up between my legs!

Though my thighs jiggle and my feet are flat and red, I’ve come to realize that though I could start running and make my legs stronger or do pilates to make them toned and lean, it’s hard to change the things I perceived as my worst flaws… those pink knees, that pale skin, those calves!
I went many years without showing my legs. No shorts, skirts, dresses… not even in the summer.

I’ve discovered the fun of dresses, again, in recent years. In fact, I’ve gone from a closet with one or two dresses at the most, to a closet with probably 20 or more. I’ve learned that colored tights are sooo fun.
I’ve learned that my legs are really just another pair in a world filled with legs. I’ll show them off how and when I want and I won’t be ashamed of my pink knees or blotched skin because they are what they are… And, honestly, I’m not sure anyone ever cared how they looked but me.


A Little Hut – Patricia Zapata: how to make a paper flower

27 Nov


Handmade Spiral Bound Books

29 Oct

I’ve been trying out spiral bound books the last couple of days. I really like it, although I wouldn’t mind an easier way to punch the holes… that takes the most time.


I tried to make them very unique on the inside, the bigger two have printed pages and the little one has pockets inside the front and back cover with colored papers, book pages, and graph paper.


Can’t wait to make more!

– Elise


8 Oct


Spilled two shots of espresso with 4 pumps of chocolate in it… all down my leg. Ewwww. And I have to spend another hour and a half at work like this… can’t wait to go home and change.

I knitted my kitty a sweater with my Knifty Knitter

6 Oct


She was half asleep when I put it on her. I knew as soon as she woke up she’d figure out how to take it off… and she did. When I woke up, the sweater was on the floor. 🙂

At 25 Cents Each, Who Could Resist These Journals?

4 Oct


I bought 14 of them at Michael’s! I’ll be using them as notebooks. If anything, they can be my notebooks for National Novel Writing Month (nanowrimo).
Next month, I’m writing a novel!

Cats Actually Play With Balls of Yarn!

29 Sep


…I have a video of it, he really was playing with this ball of yarn!